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~Lovely Luca Blue~

Our beautiful boy, Luca Blue, found his forever home on Saturday, March 5th! He went to a wonderful family out of Atlanta who could not be more thrilled with him. Luca (formerly know as "Purple Boy") has been a special boy from the beginning. He was always one of our more laid-back little boys who was probably looked over a lot in the early weeks of life, because he was a little less needy for attention than the others. As he blossomed into a beautiful pup, he kept his laid-back, sweet tendencies. He has also turned into quite a handsome boy! There is no doubt in my mind that, of all the pups, he was the perfect match for the Mastrangelo family. Mom and Dad have plenty of time for him and hopefully have filled a void that was sure to have been left by a beloved family dog passing some time ago. I can definitely tell he is going to be spoiled rotten (first pup Mom ever let hang out in the bed!) and i couldn't think of a better little pup to receive such attention and treatment! Luca's brother, who is in the rodeo circuit, came to pick a pup out for Mom and Dad. After a short debate and some FaceTime with Mom and Dad-everybody was sold on this special boy. Congratulations Mastrangelo Family! And Congratulations Luca Blue! I couldn't have dreamed up a better home for you to go to!

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