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Cash Has Met His Match :)

Cash is the second boy who found his forever home on Saturday, March 5th! Cash was one of our bigger boys and he definitely was the boss of his brothers and sisters! He was full of energy from the get-go and always ready to play. Not a lazy bone in this boy's body. I believe with 4 (human) brothers, he may have met his match ;) I'm pretty sure the boys spotted him out from the beginning! Even though there was some debate about whether or not he would be a good fit with the family's rescue dog. I spoke with the Felsen family the day after they picked him up; and other than a few accidents in the house, he was doing great and the family was loving him! He even got along well with their rescued Maltese! He is definitely a handsome boy and is sure to turn out to be a fine dog! And with 4 brothers, he will definitely never run out of somebody to play with! Congratulations Felsen Family!! And Congratulations Cash! You couldn't have found a better home to be sure to keep you busy and run out your energy :)

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