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4 Weeks Old and Full of Personality!

Our sweet puppies turned 4 weeks old today! They are getting big fast! They have been started on puppy food this week and will be going to the Vet's office on Wednesday for their second round of de-worming! Yesterday we loaded everybody up and took a trip out to the front yard. They all had a blast! They are definitely on the move and it was a little challenging to keep everybody reigned in! Finally they all passed out in the sun for a little while before coming back in. We will get an update on weight when we go to the Vet's office on Wednesday and I plan to post that information to the website along with some single pictures of everybody. We will definitely have to be separating the group this time and making to runs to the vet. They are getting too big to carry in all at once. We have 2 of our males spoken for, but still have 2 available. However, we may be down to just one male available by the end of this week. So, if you want a little boy-now is the time to make your move. We still have 6 sweet little girls available and all are fat and healthy! We will give an update on Wednesday after our Vet trip. Until then, make sure to keep up with any changes on the website and/or any new pictures that we may be posting.

P.S. We haven't updated our puppy page yet to show that micro-chipping is included before the puppies leave us. But this is part of our puppy package.


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