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2 Weeks Old and Now Offering Delivery!

Hi, everyone! Puppies are two weeks old today, so that means it's time for the weekly blog! All puppies are growing and getting very fat. They are starting to "walk" around now and are getting closer and closer to opening their eyes. Pups have a vet appointment this Wednesday to get their first de-worming done and to get a check up. As you know, we have one little boy already spoken for, so that only leaves us with 3 boys. We have 6 girls still available at this time. This could change any day as we have had a lot of interest in both boys and girls, but do not have deposits yet. Please understand that until a deposit is put down on your pup, your spot will not be held on the waiting list.

We also want to let everyone know that we are now offering deliveries for a fee and by ground only due to the high volume of out-of-state potential buyers. This means that either my husband or myself will be driving your pup directly to you. The fee will, of course, be based on distance and travel time and will be unique to each buyer. At this time, we will still not be offering delivery by air. There are many reasons for this and all of these reasons are directly related to the mental, emotional, physical health and well-being of the pup. We may be able to offer delivery via air one day, but at this time we are too uncomfortable with putting a pup through that kind of stress.

We are starting to see some eyes trying to open up! Can't wait!


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