Training Options

In-Home orVirtual

Get one-on-one help with specific behavioral issues that you need to address. Private training packages are sold in bundles only. 

**Due to Covid-19, in-home options may not be available**

Puppy-Proofed Life

Our Puppy-Proofed Life Course is a full-bodied, immersive, and fully comprehensive course designed for households with puppies and adolescent dogs. We'll teach you to resolve common behavior problems and build a solid foundation of training knowledge and skill-sets from the ground up. 

There are 3 options for this course, each designed to bring you a multi-faceted approach to learning and teaching your dog the skills that they need.

Set up a call today to see which course fits best for you and your dog!

4 week Day Train

This is a foundational day train program that meshes the pros of board & train with the pros of owner-involved training so that you get the best of both worlds.