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Training Options

Single Topic 

Looking for help to address specific training goals or behavioral problems?

Take a look at our single topic courses to see which course would best suit your needs.

Each course consists of online learning with the option for adding private sessions for troubleshooting and added support.

Proof Positive Complete:
Puppy to Adolescence

Building Your Dream Dog From the Ground Up!


On Cue's Proof-Positive Puppy to Adolescent System boasts two options. This is a full-bodied, immersive, and fully-comprehensive course  designed for households with puppies and adolescent dogs.


Here you will learn how to eliminate common puppy problems immediately so that you can start focusing on building a solid foundation for your dream dog. 

Click the button below to learn more.

4 Week
Day Train

This is a foundational day train program that meshes the pros of board & train with the pros of owner-involved training so that you get the best of both worlds.

Can be added onto any Proof Positive Course at a discounted rate.

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