Below are pictures and bios of all of our Labs. We will add to this page as our breeding program expands and as our Labs grow in size and experience!

*Note: We are currently in the process of retiring and rehoming current breeders to make room for better lines. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of pups possible and this sometimes means retiring our kiddos to make room for their successors*

Our Labs

Kicking Bird's Lakota War Axe "Tommy"  November 27, 2014
This is our resident stud. We acquired him from Kicking Bird Gun Dogs out of Nebraska. Tommy is a dilute-factored black. This boy comes from some excellent hunting lines and is an absolute machine. We can't wait to see what kind of pups he'll produce with our girls!
He is AKC and UKC registered. He has is HRC started title and two junior passes. Tommy is one of only few dogs with dilute lines that have HRCH MH, Qualified All Age sire and grandsire that is FC AFC grandsire.
Tommy's AKC pedigree, genetic testing results, and OFA hip/elbow clearances are pictured below.


All picks currently available


1st pick Silver Female: RESERVED

2nd pick Silver Female: RESERVED

1st pick Chocolate Female: AVAILABLE

1st pick Silver Male: RESERVED

1st pick Chocolate Male: AVAILABLE

1st pick Charcoal Female: RESERVED

2nd pick Charcoal Female: RESERVED

1st pick Charcoal Male: RESERVED

1st pick Black Female: AVAILABLE

1st pick Black Male: AVAILABLE

1st pick Champagne Female: AVAILABLE

1st pick Champagne Male: AVAILABLE

1st pick Yellow Female: AVAILABLE

1st pick Yellow Male: AVAILABLE

On Cue's Apalachicola Vanilla Bean "Nilla"  March 16, 2015

Nilla came to us as a pet with us having no plans to breed her. However, due to her wonderful temperament and willingness to learn, we have decided to add her to our breeding program. This is one of the calmest, most easy going Labs I have ever met. She is a traditional yellow Lab with no dilute lines and will be part of our improvement line. She has been a wonderful surrogate mom to our past pups and we can't wait to see what great pups she will produce.

We will be adding her to the program in the Spring of 2018 pending genetic & OFA hip/elbow results.  

(Pictures and health results to come... Stay tuned!!)


On Cue's Chippewa Caribou
"Bouci"  May 14, 2016

Bouci came to us from Heathridge Labs out of Tennessee. She has a dilute black(Charcoal) girl with an excellent blocky build with a square head and otter tail. We have high expectations for this girl to produce some absolutely gorgeous pups. Bouci will be added to our program in either the Spring or Winter of 2018 pending genetic & OFA hip/elbow results.

(Pictures and health results to come... Stay tuned!!)


On Cue's Chickasaw Prayer
"Chick"  December 9, 2016

Chick is our dilute-factored Chocolate girl from South Dakota. She is a gorgeous girl with wonderful lines, a willingness to please, and an excellent drive. She has some extensive titles in her lines and was bred to be a retrieving machine. In spite of all this, she is also one of our best cuddlers and knows when to settle down and relax. 

She is an awesome girl with loads of personality and ease of trainability. She will be added to our breeding program in the Spring of 2019 pending genetic & OFA hip/elbow results.

Pedigree pictured below. 

(Pictures and health results to come... Stay tuned!!)


On Cue's Girls

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