General Health Guarantee
  • Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of all disabling hereditary diseases and illnesses up until 24 months of age.

  • If any disabling hereditary ailments are found with your puppy within this 24 month period, we will take the puppy back and refund full purchase price or you can be put on the waiting list for 1st pick of the next litter.

  • All breeding stock are evaluated by the OFA at 12 and 24 months for hip and elbow dysplasia. All puppies will be covered by a hip/elbow warranty up to 24 months of age.

  • Your puppy must have x-rays done and be evaluated by the OFA before 25 months of age. The OFA must diagnose your puppy with hip/elbow dysplasia in order for you to obtain refund or puppy replacement. You must also submit the OFA report before 25 months of age to On Cue Kennels in order for us to honor the warranty.

  • Please Note: All dogs are guaranteed to the original purchaser only, all claims must be accompanied by a report from OFA or qualified, licensed veterinarian stating that the abnormality is hereditary and is in no way related to environmental or nutritional factors.

  • Disqualifying Events: 

         -Hip/Elbow Dysplasia: 1. If dog is bred before 25 months of age, hip/elbow warranty is void.  2. Failure to have OFA evaluate the dog's hips before 25 months of age voids hip/elbow warranty. 3. If dog has become obese within the 25 month period, the hip/elbow warranty is void. 4. If there has been any physically traumatic event happen to the dog within the 25 months, hip/elbow warranty is void.

Health Guarantee

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