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Basic Obedience

This is a class that focuses on basic obedience and teaching you and your dog to live harmoniously together through your day-to-day. You will learn the art of teaching your dog to understand the house rules so that both of your lives will be more fulfilling. This class will help you with basic commands, familiarizing your dog with the crate, on and off-leash obedience, and much more.

                                                        All Ages


6 week course

1 session/week


Total Cost: $480

Behavioral Adjustment

Most suitable for reactive, aggressive, or fearful dogs. Whether this is a dog who may have a history that hindered the emotional and mental development of the pet or this is just a family dog who has been let to get by with unwanted behaviors, this class will help your dog build trust in people and be more accepting of new situations. This course is a prerequisite to all other courses other than growl class, however may be a prerequisite for Growl Class depending on level of severity.

                                                       All Ages


Sessions as needed


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